jewish cholent

i use reynolds bag . i put it into crockopt before i turn it on. fill 1/4 water some veg oil or olive oil. add 1 cup soaked red beans, (or i can goya red beans) 1 large or 2 small cut up peeled potatoes, one chunk raw meat cut up into small pieces, 1/4 cup barley, sprinkle some spice. (i like some cajun, or a little curry) 2 raw egge in shell put uin the pot push them down below the surface. the eggs will cook to hard boiled and will be brown with yellow yoke. shells will remain white. seal bag. turn on crock pot. sit back and wait, no tasting, just wait. 12hrs or more it getts better if you wait 16 hrs. iadd enough oil so as not to have barley and beans dry up.

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