Easy To Cook Recipes

I have categorized the recipes with the idea of making them easy to find. Some of the recipes you will find in more than one category since they fit easily into several areas. If you are looking for a certain ingredient recipe but don't see it in the list of ingredients, look at the variations below. That is where you will find what you are looking for. Most of these recipes have more than one way to make and more than one list of ingredients. So be sure to look at the VARIATIONS!

PLEASE NOTE: I am a cook that rarely follows a recipe and does not measure all ingredients. In fact, the only time I exactly measure is when I'm baking. The rest of the time it is just throw it in. I have done my best to get the measurements as close to what I THINK is how much I use. But if you find that it is too little or too much, adjust to your tastes and please let me know if I'm off. Thanks!

This section will quickly grow as more recipes are submitted. Feel free to rate and comment on any of the recipes and give your own ideas and inputs. REMEMBER! Creativity is fully supported here!

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